Shea R. Patterson

M.B.A. | B.S.B.A.

Founder + CEO

SRP Consulting Group, LLC

Helicopter Simulation

I’m unique, with an uncompromising passion for knowledge. I’ve spent the majority of my life actively engaged in the acquisition of a broad spectrum of knowledge. This all encompassing knowledge is not only my core competency but also my competitive advantage. I’m able to approach any situation with an underlying perspective of wisdom gained from the application of my knowledge. Wisdom, demonstrated beyond my years, accelerates my understanding of even the most complex topics of study. Being highly logical and scientific, I’m able to comprehend & solve unbelievably complex problems, offering unique, creative, & innovative perspectives and results, that others overlook or lack the insight to provide.



Master of Business Administration | M.B.A.

2011 - 2013

Pennsylvania Western Univeristy (PennWest)

AACSB International Accredited Business College

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration | B.S.B.A

2007 - 2011

Pennsylvania Western University (PennWest)

AACSB International Accredited Business College

With a Logbook of verified flights totaling well over 4,000 Flight Hours, as of 2019, in both Fixed-Wing & RotorCraft, I have well over 1,700 flights, and of those flights, my average touchdown rate is (-129)fps

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